Webhooks typically maintain a consistent information structure across various instances, with the primary differentiating factor being the unique webhook event that prompts their activation. In essence, while the core data format remains uniform, it's the distinctive event, such as a user registration or a purchase confirmation, that gives each webhook its specific purpose and relevance within the broader application or system.

      "phone": "+573155555555",
      "title":"Renta PAZCNTPDG0 mes mayo Rondoo",
      "payment_link":"https://wa.me/+573126761889?text=Pagar ref: 99a337b3-3a7d-4e0b-b5ea-7098b562d4dd",
      "message_status": "delivered",
         "email": "[email protected]",


This is the list of available events.

  • payment.created
  • payment.deleted
  • payment.rejected
  • payment.approved

Payment Statuses

  • pending
  • cancelled
  • approved
  • declined
  • in_progress
  • refunded