I understand that you are describing a payment reconciliation process through a file in Asobancaria format that is available on an FTP server. Here is an interpretation of your message:

Reconciliation: It refers to the activity of comparing and adjusting payment records based on the information provided in the Asobancaria format file. Reconciliation is common in companies to ensure that recorded payments match actual payments.

FTP Server: This is the location where the Asobancaria format file is hosted. Authorized users can access this server to retrieve the file.

Asobancaria Format: It refers to the file format used to record financial transactions in some Latin American countries, such as Colombia. This format is designed to standardize payment information and facilitate its processing.

Support Team: It is suggested that you speak with the support team to activate the necessary access or procedures for conducting payment reconciliation using the Asobancaria format file. This may involve configuring access permissions to the FTP server, obtaining the necessary credentials, or any other required processes.

If you wish to proceed with payment reconciliation using this file, it is important to communicate with the support team of your organization or service provider to ensure that everything is set up correctly and that you have secure and authorized access to the Asobancaria format file.